Elena Delle Donne: A biography, as told by social media

Since her move to Chicago in 2013, league MVP Elena Delle Donne has grown as a person as well as an athlete.

Thanks to the World Wide Web, and a little help from Twitter Advanced Search, Delle Donne can tell her story of progress through her own words, or Tweets.

These are Delle Donne’s most significant Tweets (during the basketball season at least) since the 2013 WNBA draft.


This was the year that Delle Donne started an extremely successful journey with the WNBA.

This was the first official Tweet she posted about her move to Chicago:

She also started a long-lasting and professional relationship with Nike that year.

Her journey continued as she got more comfortable in the city and with her teammates, but (spoiler alert) she doesn’t visit the Millennium Park Bean until 2015 (shame on you, Delle Donne).

The season started and ended quickly. Delle Donne brought the Sky to the playoffs for the first time ever. They lost in the first round to the Indiana Fever.

Also note: Wrigley, Delle Donne’s social-media-famous pup was actually that: a pup. He’ll grow to be almost as tall as she is.


Delle Donne started to get involved quite a bit during her second season with the Sky. She came back from her first camp as a professional player in the offseason and kept up with the publicity. Her Twitter account is a testament to how accessible she is to her fans.

Delle Donne’s first post about a disease she battles, Lyme disease, in her WNBA career:

This was the season that the Sky, again, went to the playoffs, but managed to actually advance. The lost in the WNBA finals to Phoenix.

Meanwhile, Wrigley grew.


This was Delle Donne’s busiest seasons. She posted a lot about her personal life outside of the Sky. Fans gained insight into her values and priorities as a person as opposed to an athlete.

It was official. Delle Donne as MVP. She would also bring her team to the championships for the third season in a row.

She was congratulated by many notable athletes and fans.

Delle Donne a player that people a drawn to. They want to get to know her, evidenced through the many Q & A sessions she’s done with fans via Twitter (not included in this post). She shares her personal life, including inspiration she draws from her mentally handicapped sister.

I wrote previously about how, because of her gender and the nature of the sports franchise, Delle Donne is obligated to be more open. But whatever the reason, it’s been nice getting to “know” her.


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